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1Lakshmi Bhandar GmbH is a new innovative startup established in 2017 registered in Munich HRB 237447. We are working on creating multiple software products which are Shoppertreat, BLE MED ( Smart Hospital solution) and BLE Netwerk. Our products are meant for proximity based engagement platform with Internet of Things (IoT, Industry 4.0) technology to our customers using ST Beacon and Beacon infrastructure. We create easy to use Internet of Things platform software that enables developers to build IoT solutions faster and businesses to get more value from their connected devices through Beacon Infrastructure for indoor navigations. BLE MED is Smart Hospital Product

Potential application of this product can be Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Event management companies, public transportation infrastructures, Warehouse, Sport Arenas, Airports, Railway Stations and more.

EXPERIENCE Shopper treat founders have overall 50 years of total experience in the field of IT and senior management positions.

What We Do?

We supply and install beacon infrastructure, develop location specific applications based on these beacons and provide backend platform for monitoring, maintenance of beacons, providing vertical specific platforms (mobile application tuned to each specific use case) and analytics for customer behaviour.

Large-scale beacon deployments just got simpler


ST Location Services, powered by ST Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons can now be centrally and remotely managed with ST APP.

Redefine experiences with mobile apps created by ST Engage Partners


Using ST APP and Beacons, our Engage Partners are helping us personalize experiences – from stadiums to conference room use – and everywhere in between.

Get personal with location-aware push-notifications

Guests could receive push notification with our without ST-powered mobile app, you can send them personalized, push-notifications based on their real-time location and opt-in preferences. Even in the absence of mobile application any android device (IOS not yet) will be able to receive notifications via the beacons showing location relevant contents.


ST Mobile App Platform

ST customized mobile application


The ST mobile application is beacon aware application that can serve information coming via the beacons. Since beacons by definition are location aware and the information coming from them are also customized this application shows notifications to users when they pass by beacons.


Embedded within the beacon environments will be BLENetwerk (which is connected to the local wifi network) , which can in real time interact with the ST mobile application. This information then is able to track the approximate location of the user in real time. Thus location finding within large premises becomes easier for the person equipped with the mobile app and floor plan embedded therein.

Customized App


We can customized mobile apps which interacts with beacons and if you already have an mobile app they can integrate using our backend rest API the data coming from data beacon infrastructure.

Make your existing app location-aware

We can customized mobile apps which interacts with beacons and if you already have an mobile app they can integrate using our backend rest API the data coming from data beacon infrastructure and make it location aware.


Manage content in the cloud

Managing your mobile app content has never been easier. The web-based ST Editor provides a user-friendly interface and built-in previewer that make managing your mobile app content simple and intuitive. No technical skills required.

ST Beacons

Bring real-time location context to your mobile apps

ST Beacons in Action / Solution Overview /ST Location base date Benefits / Specifications :

1Benefits : - ST Beacons leverage Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) technology to power indoor location and way finding, and proximity-aware push notifications at enterprises, stadiums, hospitals and other public venues. The ability to customize the placement of beacons ensures a highly engaged customer experience.

These small, low-power wireless transmitters broadcast radio signals at regular intervals that can be heard and interpreted by iOS and Android devices equipped with ST-powered mobile apps from series APs with built-in ST Beacons, allow you to remotely manage our 4-year battery-powered standalone Beacons.

Not currently running an ST wireless network? No problem. The ST Sensor includes a built-in beacon and the ability to manage ST Beacons in any wireless environment.


Protect the privacy of your guests

ST Beacons do not require smartphones to connect or pair with them and do not collect mobile device identity.


Navigation to Indoor

We provide footfall solutions using beacon infrastructure for all indoor spaces. Delete Protect the privacy of your guests Precise indoor location data


Precise indoor location

BLE technology offers the most accurate positioning so you can deliver a rich, relevant mobile engagement experience.

Learn more about managing Beacon deployments

ST beacons are small BLE devices that transmits signals in the range of 70-100m. They are battery powered and have an average lifetime of 1-2 years depending on the transmission power levels. ST beacons work in conjunction with customised ST app for android and IOS platform to deliver localized targeted information in the vicinity of their placement

Beacon Types

• Battery powered Beacons: The beacons run on A4 battery (4 batteries). The lifetime of the beacons is approx 2 years based on normal range and power. The beacon status can be monitored remotely using BLE AP’s.

• USB powered beacons: USB beacons can be attached to any usb port and hence they do not need any external power.


The settings for the beacons will be done at the setup time. We will be able to monitor the energy level of the beacons via the APP and also change the advertisement data associated with the beacons via our online platform.


Ultra-Low Power

A Bluetooth® 4.0 (Bluetooth® low energy) Nordic NFR51822 chip with ultra-low power consumption is used. Bluetooth low energy with intelligent energy-saving programs allows the beacon to work for three to five years on four AA batteries.


Software and firmware are fully compatible with Apple’s iBeacon and Google’s Eddystone (include EID) technical requirements, and can be applied to systems including:

iOS 7.0 or above: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPad 3, iPad mini, iPad air.

Android 4.3 or above: Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S IV, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note III and Motorola RAZR, HTC ONE, etc.

Demo App and Configuration App

The “Yunzi” (demo) app allows you to experience our beacons, while the “ST Beacon” app (configuration tools) puts you in control of all of their features.


The device is made secure by a hardware level password, used also by the US military, which prevents unauthorized modification of SmartBeacon-4AA Pro parameters. SmartBeacon-4AA Pro allows you to enjoy rich functionality and stability without security concerns.

Quality Assurance

Having passed FCC (FCC certification number: 2ADYO-C0), CE, and MIC certification, each device has rigorously undergone factory defect, spectrum, power, and stability testing.


Chip Nordic
Dimensions 72.69mm x 70.00mm x 29.76mm (Including the wall mount kit)
Weight 92g
Material Polycarbonate
Three-Layered Protection Water/Dust/Shock Proof
IP Level IP67
Protocol Standards Bluetooth 4.0 iBeacon and Eddystone Authorization
Compatible Systems iOS 7.0 or above, Android 4.3 or above
Security Supports password access
LED 1 LED light bulb
Transmission Distance 0.15~80m
Radio Frequency (Transmission Broadcast Interval) Adjustable (100 milliseconds~1.285 seconds)
Broadcast Time Electricity Consumption 7.58 * 10 -6 mAh (-8dB Emission Power)
Supply Voltage 3.0V
Battery No. 5 battery(4 batteries, not included)
Operation Life 2-5 years

Placement Models

The beacons can be best put in symmetric locations around the building. The locations can be either in corridors or in open spaces. The geometry of the building determines the actual positioning of the beacons and will be done in consultation with the client, during the deployment phase of installation.

Deployment factors

Distance between beacons

For better location accuracy it is suggested for successive beacons are placed not more than approx 20-25 metre apart. Closer they are stronger the signals and more accurate will be the location tracking of the user.

Take care of concrete walls

Also one important factor to consider is that beacon signals are damped easily by concrete walls. So when we move from one open space to a corridor with a wall in between the signals from the open space will not be available in the corridors.


There are in principle three main mounting options.

1. wall mounted with adhesive on the back of the beacon

2. Indoor mounting bracket (customised or off the shelf solution)

3. Loosely placed beacons inside other devices.

ST Server Beacons

Benefits : -


BLE( Bluetooth Smart) to WiFi Gateway iGS01 is a BLE to WiFi gateway and bridge. The gateway reads iBeacon and Eddystone like beacon or customized Tag( w/ sensor) format and sends to local TCP server or internet HTTP/MQTT server. User can configure the transmit period and server information through a simple web UI.


Support RS232, RS485, and RS422

Small Size

20mm X 15mm x 2.15mm

Low Power

Averagely 80mA(3.3V) as WiFi data transferring

Industrial Working Temperature

-40º to 85º Celsius

TCP Server or Client

As a Server, it supports up to 5 clients


Connect to public MQTT server or your own private server

NTP Time

Support NTP time synchronization

Output Control

Two on/off outputs to control your asset

Modbus over MQTT

Connect Modbus RTU to the cloud Features.

● Size: 54mmx41mmx18mm(not including antenna)

● Input: 5V, 500mA, micro-USB

● Operating temperature: -20'C to 60'C

● Low power consumption, 80mA typical working current

● Over-The-Air software upgrade

● Reads multiple BLE devices in the same time

● Support TCP/HTTP/MQTT server BLE

● Bluetooth Smart( BLE) is based on INGICS nBLE822

● Bluetooth with on board PCB antenna

● Bi-direction: Reads message advertised from BLE devices and/or advertise command to BLE devices(not standard, by request)

● 30M range in open space WiFi

● WiFi is based on INGICS iWM021

● Support 802.11b/g/n(single stream)

● 2.4GHz frequency band

● Transmit power: ○ +17dBm @802.11b ○ +13dBm @802.11g ○ +11dBm @802.11n

● WiFi data rate up to 72.2Mbps

● WiFi with 2dBi dipole Antenna

● Web based UI for configuration

● Connect to Cloud server or local server

● 100M range in open space

Vertical solutions are

● iBeacon/Eddystone/tag receiver for location tracking

● BLE sensor reader for sensor network

● Building automation

● Health and wellness monitoring

● Security

● Location tracking

● Access management

● Advertisement


Vertical solutions are

• Healthcare

• Hospitality

• Asset Tracking

• Retail

• Restaurants

• Shopping mall

Business Solutions

• Large Public Venues / sports arena

• Mobile Engagement

• Corporate Venues / offices


Use Case

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Perfect, when you are new to the topic.

Become a Partner

We have created a new program that helps our partners to be competitive, fast and ready to lead in BLENetwerk

Technology partner

At Shoppertreat, we are working with the industry’s best technology partners and app developers to deliver solutions that are easy to deploy and consume. Together our efforts deliver innovative solutions that connect the dots between today’s business and IT priorities. Depending on your business, our three technology partner programs cover everything from wireless connectivity to mobile engagement.


Junior Full stack Web/Mobile App Developer Position, Chennai-India

Job code : JWD-1001

For the startup Shoppertreat working in the domain of beacon driven applications, we are seeking a web developer with an experience level of 3-5 years. Following are the key technical requirements for the position :

Language skills: Javascript, HTML(5),CSS3,Nodejs, Shell, Python

Frameworks: Angularjs, Backbone,Phonegap,Ionic

Queues: ZeroMQ,RabbitMQ

OS/system administration: Shell programming, bash scripting, Basic knowledge of Linux OS and able to handle daily administration task.

Hosting providers: Familiarity with Amazon web services (EC2,S3) including setup and management.

Databases: MongoDB, Postgresql –

CI systems: Git, SVN, teamcity, Jira,Youtrack, Jenkins, TDD – (Added advantage)

We develop mobile apps and backend to support all management tasks for clients. Thus it is an end to end responsibility of building applications, maintaining servers and looking into making the delivery process as efficient as possible. Mail your cv’s to

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